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Useful Java Applications for MIDP2.0 Compatible Phones

Aug 20 2007 Published by under Cellphones

  • MailMan 2.0.4 — POP3/SMTP mail client with support for attachments on JSR75 filesystems. Supports SSL, so works perfectly with GMail. Website:
  • MidpSSH 1.6 — an SSH client. Supports saving sessions. Save frequently used commands as “macros”. Website:
  • MobyExplorer 2.1 — a local filesystem and FTP explorer. Supports compressing files with GZip and encryption, as well as basic text editing.
  • XCalc 1.4 — ultimate mobile calculator. Supports graphing 2D and 3D plots.
  • OperaMini — the best mobile browser so far.
  • OperaMini mod download enabled 1.2.0 — the best mobile browser enhanced with file download capabilities, web-page storage for offline viewing, picture viewing and basic file managing.


Please see the information sections inside the programs for the authors’ names and websites. Visit those websites for updates and support regarding the operation of the applications. All of the programs work great on Samsung A920 on Bell Mobility network in Canada. Operation on other models and networks may not be as good. In this case visit the authors’ websites to download other possible configurations that might work better.

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