ListMania – the awesome lists manager for iPhone and iPad

Aug 10 2010

ListMania allows you to manage all sorts of lists: from grocery shopping, to movies you’d like to watch, to gift ideas for your loved ones, to everyday to do items. With a simple and intuitive interface, ListMania gets out of your way and lets you get the job done quickly and effortlessly.

It gets even better. ListMania lets you delegate! Once you’ve compiled the list of things you need to get on the weekly grocery trip or for an upcoming party, simply share your list wirelessly with another ListMania user, and let them do the leg work. And if your helper does not have a compatible device, you can always email it to them using built in Mail app with just a few taps.

Get it from the App Store! Choose the paid version with no ads РListMania+, or a free version РListMania Рwith unobtrusive advertisements to support continued improvements.

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One response so far

  • GB says:

    When I tap and hold an item to make it bold and add a red exclamation mark, ListMania crashes. The same thing happens when I want to remove the boldface and red exclamation mark.

    Is there a bug here>